The SpyOFF VPN for Online Privacy – The Honest Review Tells it All

In this present dispensation, a VPN is necessary to help secure users online by making sure that data is not leaked out to hackers. The reviews of SpyOFF VPN highly rate this Virtual Private Network; such that it is said to be the fastest VPN for complete anonymity and safety while surfing the internet.

Virtual private network

After having reviewed countless websites and programs, I rarely get surprised unless I see something out of the world. I recently had an opportunity to put SpyOFF VPN through its paces and was so surprised by its functionality that I decided to write a SpyOFF VPN review for you all.

However, here is a short piece of information for those who are not so net savvy and do not know what a VPN is. You have to type the URL (universal resource locator) of the site you wish to visit on the browser’s window and hit enter to visit any site. However, something amazing takes place at the dynamic name server (DNS) of your internet service provider (ISP), whose task is to translate the URL into a set of numbers known as the internet protocol (IP), forward it to the intended site, and the same displays on your browser. A typical example of an IP is 215.645.97.64.


The Scenario At The Other End

Exactly the opposite scenario takes place at the server of the ISP hosting the site you want to visit. Its dynamic name server checks the IP sent by your ISP, and deduces the URL of the site you want to visit, and directs your browser to that site. All these things take place within a fraction of a second, so you might not notice the activities being shown at the bottom of your browser. However, I am sure you might be wondering what this has got to do with SpyOFF VPN. I shall be discussing that in a moment.

Have you ever come across occasions where you are not able to visit some specific sites, and when your browser returned the message `you are not permitted to view this resource.’ This means the DNS either at your end or at the other site has been programmed to reject access to requests originating or containing your IP or your ISP had blocked the IP of the site you want to visit.


Bypassing The Block

You can easily bypass the block if you are able to change your IP. However, this is a complicated task, as you have to find a free and anonymous IP (also known as proxy) available and enter its details into your browser before you can access the blocked site. There is no need for you to worry if you are not conversant with this process as you can depend on Spy OFF VPN, a program that provides you with a group of IPs belonging to different countries that allow you to bypass the block. This Spy OFF VPN review would be incomplete if I did not inform you on how to use it.



Visit the site of the vendor, click the SpyOFF download link to start the download process, and install the Spy OFF program on your computer. You have to register the software by paying the requisite amount to the vendor. You can then use the program to alter your IP quickly and effortlessly. I hope that this SpyOFF review provides you with sufficient information regarding how to use a VPN to access blocked sites.