Someone Is Spying On Your Online Activities

Are you aware that as you are watching xxx movies online, someone is monitoring details about every site you are visiting on the net? This might not be a problem so long as you are an adult and view porn movies. However, you might face penal action and might have to pay a huge fine if the authorities who regulate your internet service provider (ISP) keeps a log of the countless blackhat sites you visit daily to download pirated software?

Can you imagine the consequences you might have to face and the stiff fine you have to pay if caught doing such illegal activities? Although I condone the download and use of pirated software, I believe that net neutrality is the right of every individual. You might not believe it, but individuals from many countries are unable to access online casinos, even though betting is legal in their country. Do you believe that this is fair? This is where the SpyOFF VPN software comes to your rescue.


More About SpyOFF

This software acts as a tunnel between your computer and the sites you visit. Your ISP can only track the site you have visited. It does so by keeping a log of its dynamic name servers (DNS), which translates the universal resource locator (URL) such as into a series of numbers like 64.03.456.276 (known as IP or internet protocol). This step takes place before processing the request of your browser and directing it to the DNS server of the other site, which retranslates the numbers back to the URL. In simple language, your ISP can track your online activities and the sites you visit. On occasions, such as those where you are unable to reach the online casino, it is your ISP who is blocking you from visiting it by adding the DNS of the destination server in its block list.


Reciprocal Gesture

You cannot access the destination source if the DNS server of the destination source that has the entire range of internet protocols of your ISP in its blocked list. This means that your browser cannot reach that site even after it has received the green signal from your ISP. The VPN (virtual private network) acts as a private gateway. In simple English, your ISP and the ISP of the destination site view the IP of the VPN when processing a request from the browser. This allows you to visit any site you want to visit without being blocked.


Spy off VPN

You will find numerous VPN software, but none of them is as good as SpyOFF, as you can find out by reading any online SpyOFF VPN review. When you go through the Spy off VPN review, you will notice that it allows you to hide your real location by allowing you to access numerous IPs of different countries. You will also read in the SpyOFF review that it offers blazing fast connection. In fact, you will not notice that you are using a virtual private network when you browse via Spy off VPN. Visit the vendor’s website and click on the Spyoff download link to initiate the Spyoff VPN download process. Install the software on your PC and purchase a license to avail of all the functions of Spyoff.

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